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Prism Sound and Sadie announce UK and US seminars

Andrew Low
Prism Sound and Sadie announce UK and US seminars

Prism Sound and Sadie are expanding their free educational seminars by arranging the next series of classes in both the UK and the US.

The seminars will cover both broadcast and music recording, with a date at each venue devoted to each topic.

The mastering classes will focus on how Sadie digital audio workstations can be used in a mastering environment and how Sadie location recorders fit into the recording chain. Guest speakers, along with staff from Prism Sound and Sadie, will discuss the practical aspects of mastering while highlighting the benefits of Sadie’s technology. 

The music recording classes will feature the ‘Mic To Monitor’ tour, which will include presentations from Prism Sound staff and guest speakers, including recording professionals who can answer audience questions on recording techniques.

These seminars are geared towards students and producers and engineers in training. Jody Thorne, Prism Sound’s sales and marketing manager, furthers: “Students need the opportunity to learn skills that are applicable to the industries in which they will ultimately work. They also need to know about the equipment they will regularly come into contact with. We are focusing our attention on the educational sector because we recognise that this is where the producers and engineers of the future are currently getting their grounding. The aim is to give them – and any industry professional who wants to brush up on their skills – the chance to discuss new techniques, demo cutting-edge equipment and software and learn first-hand from the experiences of our guest speakers.”

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The tour will begin in October in both the UK and the US.

For the UK, the following venues have been confirmed:

Sunderland University
Edinburgh University
Birmingham City University
Leeds Metropolitan University
NUI Maynooth, Ireland
Cardiff (venue to be confirmed).

In the US the tour will visit the following cities – venues to be announced later:

San Francisco
Los Angeles
New York

Full details of dates, venues and guest speakers will be posted on the Prism Sound and Sadie website over the summer. Anyone wishing to attend can do so by registering online at and

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