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RTS/Telex helps Ryder Cup go 3D

RTS/Telex helps Ryder Cup go 3D

The 83rd Ryder Cup, held recently at the Celtic Manor Resort in Wales, became the first to be broadcast in 3D. Telegenic, the broadcasting service provider commissioned by BSkyB, used the first 3D OB truck of its kind in the world. Among its arsenal of equipment was a 128-port ADAM matrix with an RTS MADI card, as well as various keypanels from the KP series (KP32 and KP12).

Dave Rowley, Head of Sound at Telegenic, described the special challenges of the production: “In addition to the not-so-friendly weather, the difficulty lay in linking a whole series of trucks with one another. Three different RTS/Telex products had key roles here: the Tribus Digital Audio Interface Card linking the two 3D OB-trucks, a TM-2000 Trunkmaster linking the 2D and host trucks, and the new RTS/Telex MADI card linking the 2D and 3D trucks.

“The MADI gave us a number of four-wires between the two productions on two coaxial cables and also increased the port count of the two frames," he added.

One of two OB trucks was additionally connected to the host by means of an RTS Trunkmaster system – for Rowley, a convincing procedure: "In the past, we had good experiences with the reliable DBX cards, but the TBX cards proved even better, offering fibre connectivity and the ability to connect more trucks together."

In all, the Ryder Cup production in the Celtic Manor Resort lasted ten days. Throughout this entire period, Dave Rowley's team did not experience a single technical failure. The 3D and trunking premieres were a total success for Telegenic. "Since the host had a Trunkmaster, we didn't require any further hardware – just the ability to take some trunking data. Also, using MADI made broadcasting the Ryder Cup a very pleasant experience," he concluded.


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