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SAE Bucharest takes delivery of new Audient ASP8024 console

Adam Savage
SAE Bucharest takes delivery of new Audient ASP8024 console

The School of Audio Engineering (SAE) in Bucharest has joined the growing list of educational facilities around the world to install an Audient ASP8024 desk.

The Romanian school follows in the footsteps of its Dutch counterpart, SAE Amsterdam, which also started this academic year with a new 36-channel ASP8024.

Head of audio and producer Andrew James Ward explained: “The studio in SAE Bucharest has become a quality facility for tracking and mixing and the Audient console is at the heart. The studio is not only a first class teaching facility, but also a great studio to record and mix bands.”

Ward has used the desk daily since its arrival, and offers plenty of praise for the 24-channel model with integrated Dual Layer Control.

“The best thing about the console is the sound. She sounds very musical,” he said. “Simply running audio tracks from different locations in the world through the channel strips has helped sonically bond the parts together in a very pleasant way, making the subsequent mix much easier and pleasurable.

“The EQ is very musical and warm sounding. I was – and still am – very impressed. The compressor on the mix bus is highly flexible with smooth transparent settings for the mix, or compress and destroy settings achievable for amazing compression effects.”

Ward continued: “The pre-amps are very desirable with rich sound and low noise. I recorded drums, acoustic and electric guitars and vocals, all of which sounded excellent with a character that I now call 'The Audient Love'.”

As well as offering a variety of quality features, the ASP8024 has proved particularly useful in the classroom.

“The simplistic layout of the channel strip and centre section has been a great teaching tool,” Ward commented. “Explaining the fundamentals of analogue signal flow to newcomers has been easy on this console.”

This was confirmed by one of the students at the Romanian capital's facility – Mircea Moldovan – who added: “The mixing experience is pleasant; the Audient console is very easy to understand.”

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