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SAE launch new Home Studio Certificate course

Andrew Low
SAE launch new Home Studio Certificate course

SAE has announced a new certificate program for entry-level course producers, singers and musicians starting a home recording studio.

The course is designed to help participants determine how to produce their own music and teach them basic recording skills for home recording. SA has stated that the Home Studio Certificate will “train students in setup and optimisation of any standard home recording system with regards to recording instruments and vocals, editing, adding signal processing and even mixdown into a finished track.”

Is certainly monopolizing on the popularity of home recording by creating a course that will essentially charge money to save people time on picking up a owners manual and spend a small amount of time learning basic equipment. One does wonder why a certificate is needed for an amateur hobbyist.

SAE London manager Matthias Postel stated: “Here at SAE we’ve always focused on preparing our students for professional careers, but we also recognise that there are thousands of aspiring producers and musicians out there who need help taking their very first steps – setting up home recording studios that really deliver. And that’s exactly what the Home Recording Certificate aims to do. Anyone completing this very hands-on three month course will not only be able to choose the equipment they need for music production success but also to use that equipment to start producing high quality music at home.”


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