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Samsung unveils Scan & Match feature for Music Hub with Galaxy S III

Ahren Lester
Samsung unveils Scan & Match feature for Music Hub with Galaxy S III

Korean manufacturing giant, Samsung, announced its new Scan & Match feature for its Music Hub subscription service yesterday (May 3rd).

The Scan & Match feature was announced alongside their unveiling of their new iPhone-rival smartphone the Galaxy S III and is seen as a rival for Apple’s iTunes Match. Samsung’s Music Hub subscription service, according to Samsung, boasts 17 million songs (compared to Spotify’s 15 million in July 2011) and costs $9.99 per month using a smartphone or tablet or $12.99 a month if the user wishes to use the service on up to four devices (inc. computers).

Similar to iTunes Match, Scan & Match searches the user’s hard drive for songs and finds a match for the song on its Cloud library. These matched songs are then made available to user—across all their devices—using the increasingly uniquitous Cloud and accessed via the internet without the need for permanent storage on the device itself.

Despite the many similarities with iTunes Match, Samsung’s Scan & Match appears to have a particularly notable benefit over its Apple rival: it appears that it will come at no additional cost. Apple’s iTunes Match costs $24.99 a year whereas—it is understood—Scan & Match will come as part of the general Music Hub package.

Samsung is one of the few manufacturers who appears to be giving Apple a serious run for its money. Their new 4.8-inch AMOLED screened Galaxy S III smartphone is widely being lauded as Android’s strongest iPhone rival—if not yet an iPhone killer. Additional functionality such as Scan & Match and Music Hub appear to add significantly to Samsung’s appeal to consumers.

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Image: The Verge

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