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Sennheiser sign up with K-Array for three territories

Sennheiser sign up with K-Array for three territories
Sennheiser has just signed an agreement for exclusive distribution in Canada, China and the UK, with K-Array, the Italian PA manufacturer .
The Florence-based company are seen as pioneers of space saving PA technology, and have been perfecting their unique technology for 5 years. The culmination of this is the new KH4 self-powered line-array.

"The KH4 is something quite unique to the PA world,@ state Sennheiser. 'It has a remarkable power to size ratio that has been achieved by some very clever technology. The KH4 can deliver 145 dB, this is incredible given that the size of the unit
is only 112cm wide by 60cm high and incredibly only 16cm deep and all this in a package that weighs a mere 47 kg."
K-Array's technology means that the systems are up to per cent smaller and lighter than the equivalent competition, which also means shipping and rigging savings.
"We are delighted that Sennheiser is handling the distribution of our products in these important countries,' says Alex Tatini CEO of K-Array. "Sennheiser has a long and illustrious history in the audio industry and we look forward to a long and profitable partnership. We are experiencing strong growth and having Sennheiser on board means that we can gain access more easily to distant markets."
"K-Array came up with the most original and exciting live speaker technology I have seen in years," adds Marc Vincent, president of Sennheiser China. "I believe that the KH4 system provides a true solution to significantly reducing touring transportation costs.

"It just takes time to adjust into believing that such a small system can cover such huge venues. A very promising venture
ahead for both K-Array and Sennheiser.

Pictured celebrating the deal are (left to right); Franco Spataro (technical manager), Massimo Ferrati (president), Alex Tatini (managing director) all of K-Array.


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