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SPS invests in APB-Dynasonics

SPS invests in APB-Dynasonics
Ray Lowton, head of sound for West London-based conference hire company, SPS, has recently purchased three APB-DynaSonics Spectra 24-channel consoles and five of the small-format ProRack House consoles.

The deal, completed by UK distributor KV2 Audio, completed what became a personal odyssey.

“Finding a reasonably-priced, good-quality analogue desk has been an interesting process," explains Lowton (pictured, right with KV2's Andy Simmons). "The discovery of APB was hard won and now we will continue to buy into the brand – particularly the ProRack House which I see becoming a great workhorse desk due to its size – which packs a lot of facilities – and the audio quality.”

Neither Luddite, nor stranger to change, Ray Lowton has witnessed and embraced the progress of audio technology since he first started over 40 years ago: “The industry has sort of been invented around us all in a way: when I started PA systems were very much in their infancy”

Yet he will use analogue for a long time to come: “I’m not anti-digital but I am ‘pro’ audio and still very much a fan of analogue systems because they generally give a warmer sound, you sometimes get the impression that people are blinded by gadgets and they don’t actually use their ears."

His odyssey eventually culminated at last year’s ProLight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt: “I went specifically to look for a desk to replace existing stock that were reaching the end of their working life. A lot of what we do is very quick build, one-off events, so I wanted a simple system – and the simplest thing in the world is to use an analogue board in the right way.

“All I could find in the required price range were digital desks. Finally, just before I was about to leave for the airport, in desperation I asked someone, who pointed me towards APB.

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“As soon as the headphones were on I just knew it’s a quality thing! The Spectra series and the ProRack House are great desks – as you’d expect from such a well known and respected R&D team with the pedigree to match”

The award-winning Spectra series analogue consoles from APB-DynaSonics are designed to offer truly exceptional sound quality. The VCA-based models are available with 24, 32, 40, 48 and 56 mono input channels and feature four additional stereo line-input channels.

The APB ProRack's audio design is based on the Spectra Series and includes the use of minimum phase-shift circuitry, expressive EQ and integrated mic preamplifiers. The wealth of professional features and exceptional performance is eased into a small-format 10-rack space. The chassis design features an adjustable connector assembly that freely rotates and can be set to three different angles relative to the front panel.

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