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SSE/Canegreen joins Jesus Christ Superstar tour

SSE/Canegreen joins Jesus Christ Superstar tour

SSE/Cangreen is providing the sound for the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s Jesus Christ Superstar arena tour.

The full inventory for the show has been supplied by SSE/Canegreen and utilises an L’Acoustics K1 system complete with SB28 subs and additional KUDO/KARA, giving the musical the audio power of a rock concert.

"I just love it because it's getting it back to its roots. It was always written as a rock album, it was never written as musical, it's a rock event." Says Andrew Lloyd Webber, who wrote the music for the show when he was 21.

"When it is done in a conventional proscenium theatre production it feels shoe-horned in. That is why I wanted to do this."

The entire cast, including Tim Minchin, Melanie C, Chris Moyles and Superstar winner Ben Foster, wear wireless headset microphones, which, along with the 10-piece band, are mixed at FOH by Roger Lindsay on a Midas XL8.

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"We A - B tested ten different headset mics during rehearsals to find a model that would give us the level required" says SSE/Canegreen Director, Yan Stile.

"Most we tried just wouldn't provide sufficient vocal level - except a model from AKG, which we eventually used."

The tour uses 80 channels of radio and the DiGiCo SD7 digital mixing console running 110 channels.

"Being a theatre production, there are so many vocals to deal with, and this console handles that situation absolutely perfectly,” says Monitor Engineer for the tour, Seamus Fenton.

“Musical theatre is a very complicated genre to work with; they sing one line, then they're part of a crowd, and of course sometimes when they're coming off stage, they're still nattering away. These reasons combined meant I wouldn't be able to put everyone on in-ear monitors as I'd originally intended, so I brought in another pair of hands to help me out.”

This extra help arrived in the form of a 48 channel Yamaha PM5D-RH handled by Nick Lythgoe, a piece of kit that allows Lythgoe to create his own side fill for the cast. The band is split, with half on each side of the stage and each member of the band has an Aviom personal monitor mixer fed from the DiGiCo SD Rack.

"Obviously we specialise in arena tours. That's why we were chosen in the first place!" says SSE/Canegreen Director Yan Stile.

“The pressure and logistical potential problems that manifest themselves in this market are well known to us."

To further assist the logistics of creating and moving the sets, SSE has supplied a totally separate rolling monitor platform so the team can build a monitor world totally independently of the stage.

The tour began its run on September 21st and finishes a series of extra dates on October 21st

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