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TC-Helicon teams up with Sennheiser, joint product launching at NAMM

Adam Savage
TC-Helicon teams up with Sennheiser, joint product launching at NAMM

Vocal processing specialist TC-Helicon and audio giant Sennheiser have announced a new partnership in the field of vocal effects microphones.

Combining their extensive expertise in creating tools for vocalists and microphone technology, the two companies have been working on collaborative research projects since 2011, and will launch a joint product at NAMM 2013.

“The initial spark for our co-operation was at NAMM 2011, when TC-Helicon premiered a microphone with controls for vocal effects and Sennheiser demonstrated ‘Concept Tahoe’, a beatboxing microphone developed in their research lab in the USA,” said Kevin Alexander, TC-Helicon CEO. “We had never met, we had never talked – and happened to be showing the same product.”

“We sat down together right at the show in a very open and friendly atmosphere and talked about what we were working on in our respective companies. We immediately saw each other as partners,” added Michael Polten, director customer relationship management at Sennheiser. “TC-Helicon’s mission is to give singers full control and Sennheiser’s aim is to provide excellent microphones – so our brands were a perfect fit.

As part of the joint research project, TC-Helicon and Sennheiser went about exploring how to interface their products to provide one-stop solutions for singers and musicians. The first results of the partnership will be unveiled in Anaheim.

Kevin Alexander concluded: “We are very excited about this upcoming product bundle. Taking the most innovative microphone brand and the most popular vocal processing brand can only be a good thing for singers.”

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