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Tine Helmle appointed to Optocore board of directors

Andrew Low
Tine Helmle appointed to Optocore board of directors
Optocore recently announced that Tine Helmle has been appointed to the company’s board of directors. Helmle has been with the company for five years as director of sales. Her knowledge of fiber optical network technology and its commercialization will be essential to the future growth of the company.

“When I meet Marc Brunke back in 1998 in one of Munich’s beer gardens and heard about Optocore for the first time, I was highly fascinated by the technique and idea, noted Helmle. “It all started with Marc as a musician being awfully annoyed about buzzing PA-systems caused by copper cables. There had to be some sort of solution to avoid this. When he found out that there was absolutely no audio network, he started to build his own. Why not send audio signals via optical fibers, disturbance-free and in addition extremely light. Today Optocore is the worldwide leading company in this field.”

Before joining Optocore in 2003 Helmle worked for several well-known companies.

She began her career as a graduate in theater and communication studies and then went on to produce video and film clips for marketing departments of various companies, such as Siemens.

"We are delighted to have Tine Helmle join our board," said Mark Brunke, chairman, and managing director of Optocore. "Her knowledge of all aspects of the fiber optical professional audio business, and her experience in management while maintaining a focus on business objectives, will be of great value to us. She brings along a tremendous corporate development and marketing background, as well as a unique width of experience gained from guiding the development of our company over the past years.''

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Helmle commented: ''Being on the Board of Directors of Optocore is an exciting opportunity for me to contribute to the growth of a rapidly expanding company in what I believe is an important industry.''

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