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UA announces Manley EQ plugins and Ampex partnership

Andrew Low
UA announces Manley EQ plugins and Ampex partnership

Universal Audio announced the impending release of the Manley Labs Massive Passive eq plugins and a new collaboration with Ampex at NAMM 2010.

According to the release, the collaboration between the two companies represent the most ambitious EQ modelling project to date, bringing UAD-2 users both the standard and mastering versions of this hardware EQ. Specifically, the two-channel, four-band Manley Massive Passive EQ utilises design strengths from choice console, graphic, parametric and Pultec eqs.

“The Massive Passive is truly the ultimate in mastering grade EQs. It sounds warm without ever being dull; it stays precise while remaining highly musical,” offered UAD Powered Plug-Ins Product Manager, Will Shanks.

“The Massive Passive EQ is one of our best-known products. We didn’t even want to entertain doing a plug-in unless it was really going to be done right,” commented EveAnna Manley, Owner, Manley Laboratories, Inc. “Our expectations were high for the plug-in emulation to be spot-on. Working with Universal Audio, we believe they’ve totally nailed it.”

"Manley Labs represents quality, sonic excellence and unequivocal analog design expertise," enthused Matt Ward, President of Universal Audio. "To say Universal Audio has admiration for Manley's designs and reputation as a company would be a huge understatement. There has always been a special affinity between our companies, and we are elated to have EveAnna Manley joining us a plug-in partner for the UAD-2 platform."

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The Manley Massive Passive EQ plug-ins will be available for download directly from Universal Audio’s online store.

UA also announced a partnership with the Ampex Corporation. Ampex is famous in the professional audio world as innovators of magnetic tape and tape recorder technology — widely praised for its rich, almost magical sound quality. As per the aggrement, Universal Audio’s  team of DSP engineers will create models of these complex devices and media. 

“Ampex is not only the most recognizable maker of US-made tape machines; they really pioneered the concepts that gave way to modern multi-tracking and overdubbing,” commented Universal Audio President Matt Ward. “But it’s really the sound of these amazing machines, along with their well-guarded tape formulas, that birthed the golden-era of record production. The fact that these designs are still in use today is a testament to the Ampex brand’s iconic status in the world of professional recording.”

Universal Audio is distrubted by Source Distribution in the UK.

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