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Viagogo liquidates UK business and heads to Switzerland

Ahren Lester
Viagogo liquidates UK business and heads to Switzerland

Music Week has revealed that Viagogo—the fan-to-fan ticket exchange site—has liquidated its UK business and headed over to Switzerland.

Viagogo—founded in 2006—featured prominently in Channel 4’s “The Great Ticket Scandal” Dispatches exposé broadcast in February which highlighted that some companies such as Viagogo and Seatwave engaged in somewhat highly dubious practices.

Most notably, the programme revealed Viagogo’s offices held books full of credit cards reportedly used to bulk buy tickets from the original seller and then sold on at marked up prices. A move which one ViaGoGo employee admitted on camera was “highly, highly immoral” but which the company itself defended.

The winding up of their UK operation and movement to Switzerland—as Music Week’s report highlights—effectively makes the company exempt from UK trading law including any future legislation in regards ticket resale.

Despite this, the company told Music Week that—although not legally bound to UK law—it would stick to its customer guarantee which “goes far beyond any UK trading regulations.”

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The company defended this current move, saying: “In April this year Viagogo moved its head office from London to Geneva. As well as being the leading ticket marketplace in the UK, we are also in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and many other European countries.”

Adding that: “As such, like many successful UK businesses, we have chosen to open a central European office. At the heart of our business is our guarantee, which goes far beyond any UK trading regulations and applies to every Viagogo customer, wherever they are in the world.”

According to Music Week’s report, some commentators have speculated that the move may result in the site reselling London 2012 Olympic tickets on the site. Such a practice is currently illegal in the UK.

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