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VIDEO: Hundred Reasons pick Audio-Technica for comeback gigs

Adam Savage
VIDEO: Hundred Reasons pick Audio-Technica for comeback gigs

Audio-Technica has released the latest video in its series of artist interviews, featuring Hundred Reasons’ Colin Doran, Larry Hibbitt and FOH engineer Mike Osman.

The band recently regrouped for a short run of shows to mark the tenth anniversary of their debut album Ideas Above Our Station, and the band selected Audio-Technica microphones for all vocal and guitar amplification during the mini tour.

The video interviews were filmed at London’s Kentish Town Forum on the final date of the tour in December 2012.

Frontman Doran (pictured) employed Audio-Technica’s AE6100 hypercardioid dynamic model for each show, while Hibbitt’s guitar cabs were miked with the AE2500 dual-element dynamic/condenser.

“Hundred Reasons are a very dynamic rock band. Colin’s singing style goes from a whisper to very shouty and very loud and the AE6100 copes with that range brilliantly well," said Osman. "And they sound great from start to finish during a gig, night after night – something not all vocal mics manage in my experience.

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“I’ve always liked to use a condenser and a dynamic mic on guitars, to capture both mid-range punch and clarity. And the AE2500’s dual-elements make this so easy – the elements are perfectly phase-aligned and they sound amazing. They’re my absolute first choice for guitar cabinets.”

The complete interview with Doran, Hibbitt and Osman can be found below.

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