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X Factor helps recording studios?

X Factor helps recording studios?

The ongoing straw poll that is the Thomson Local directory online would appear to show that recording studios benefit from Simon Cowell's X Factor and viewers that aspire to be famous singers.

Month-on-month search figures published by local business search company Thomson Local have shown a steady increase in demand for music related businesses since the latest series of the TV talent show began in August.

“Looking at figures from August to September, we have seen searches on for recording studios increase by 54 per cent, musical instrument manufacturers by 47 per cent and music teachers by 35 per cent," said Gary Brown, the product and marketing director of Thomson Local. “It is fantastic to see that a programme such as the X Factor is inspiring the next generation of music talent and giving a welcome boost in trade for local businesses in the UK.”

A sceptical Audio Pro International got in touch with Thomson Local and asked the company to offer something a bit more substantial. Surprisingly, there would appear to be something in it.

"For the past few years, whenever a new series of X Factor comes on the TV, there is a jump in searches for recording studios, MI manufacturers and music teachers," explained Mark Cox, the PR and communications manager for Thomson, who used to be a studio manager at the Britannia Row studio complex.

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"Music is more accessible now than it has ever been and we have seen this hike each year. They haven't been as significant – about ten per cent – but this year the figures are very significant."

Cox went on to explain that while the poll is hardly scientific, it does give a good indicator of trends at any given time. "As the credit crunch started to hit, we saw an increase in searches for bankruptcy advice and pawnbrokers, when the word 'staycation' began to be used, we saw an increase in searches for caravan parks and UK hotels," he said.

"It could well be a combination of things, but I think the overriding element is that people look at X Factor and think 'I could do better than that'."

How right he is.

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